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sábado, 30 de janeiro de 2016

New Stem Cell Treatment "Switches Off" Type 1 Diabetes | IFLScience

New Stem Cell Treatment "Switches Off" Type 1 Diabetes | IFLScience


'The MIT researchers decided to modify the chemical structure of the alginate capsules in as many different ways as possible to try and build a better shield for the beta cells. “We made all these derivatives of alginate by attaching different small molecules to the [large molecule] chain,” said Arturo Vegas, lead author of the study and an accompanying paper in Nature Biotechnology, in astatement. They hoped that one of the 800 alginate derivatives would have “the ability to prevent recognition by the immune system.”
Luckily, one variant did indeed prove to be effective, in both mice and nonhuman primates. Known as triazole-thiomorpholine dioxide (TMTD), this variant was shown to be able to hide from white blood cells within hyperglycemic mice with a very strong immune system. Following the transplant, these beta cells began to immediately produce insulin, and brought the blood sugar levels down to healthy levels for a remarkable 174 days, a significant length of time considering their lifespan.

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