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terça-feira, 22 de maio de 2012

The Diabetes wiREless Artificial pancreas consortiuM (DREAM)

'The Diabetes wiREless Artificial pancreas consortiuM (DREAM) recently evaluated the MD-Logic Artificial Pancreas (MDLAP) system in an innovative trial project taken place in Israel, Slovenia and Germany. The aim of the trial was to provide a real solution to patients with diabetes, using the MDLAP in a diabetes camp outside the confines of the hospital. This is a significant landmark in research: this is to the best of our knowledge the first time in the world that such a trial project has been taken outside the hospital, illustrating a "normal" life for youngsters with diabetes, while using an automatic insulin delivery system during the night. 

The MD Logic system which was developed at Schneider Children's represents the "artificial pancreas" technological solution comprising of an off-the-shelf subcutaneous glucose sensor that monitors the glucose level and an insulin pump. The sensor and pump are connected to a computer that programs the information and stipulates the amount of insulin that should be released to the body in order to maintain blood glucose balance. This innovation "closes the loop" between the sensor and the pump and relieves the patients with diabetes from the daily burden of dealing with their diabetes and has the potential to significantly improve the quality of life of patients with diabetes.
The artificial pancreas trial outside the hospital was conducted as a prospective cross-over study within the framework of the 3-day DREAM Camp for children with diabetes.

The movie shows the first trial conducted at the Kibbutz Maale Hachamisha Hotel, Israel.'